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Curlew, I hit Drano yesterday with the family and it was pretty good. We trolled spinners and plugs off downriggers in the main lake, and had plenty of Steelhead action.....been running trips 3 days a weeks for last few weeks with like results. :smile:

Had around 15 hookups and boated 10........... of the 10 boated, 5 were hates and released(from 7-15#) and the 5 brats kept were form 6-13# ....be sure to properly release the natives.... it's best not to net them and Don't bring them into your boat.

Did see the first UBR (that I've seen)caught saturday, a chrome 25#......can't wait for more of them to show.

My guess is there were 20 boats anchored in the cove, bobber/shrimp fishing and about the same trolling on the lake. :cheers:

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