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I'm back for the weekend. It's been awhile and I must say I actually miss portland. But you know there are just a few things that portland does not have. Mainly the Rogue river. And the bazillion fish that are in it. It's starting to become madness down there.

I'll start off by saying I finally got a springer, well actually I got three of them. This was about a month ago maybe more, they were a little dark to look at but the fillets were red as can be. So hooray I finally caught a couple springers. For a couple of you that know me you shall understand this was a feat!

As for more recent endeavours...the fall chinook are up past grants pass the locals won't tell you that, but I will. they are there and there are lots of em'. Did I mention they are big? The biggest I've seen went 44lbs. There only a few places where you won't find all the snaggers and liners, but there is one KILLER bobber hole which is where my fish have been coming from. You should see the looks on their faces when Tillamook tidewater bobber tactics start catching fish...that and plunking nobody down there does it except for me?! Oh well.

The summer steelhead are in the upper stretches and the bite has been pretty good, as long as it's not 900 degrees outside. Still the LBS is producing fish so is the lgs (little green spinner). I'm also getting fairly consistent hookups on drift gear, Mostly a small red corkie with a worm trailer. I don't know why nobody fishes for steelies with a normal worm up here but you guys should try it IT WORKS.

And last but never least the winter steelies are on their way I hear they follow the fall nooks up so if that's true they will be in my area any day now. I want a 20 pounder! Hey everyone can dream right!

All in all it's way cool down there as far as the fishing goes. Other than that not much else to do, but somehow I think I can manage to keep myself busy. It's great reading all of your reports and stories again I really missed these places.
Tight lines and good luck


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I am glad you are enjoying the bounty of God's land.

I am a bit curious about your comment that the locals won't tell you the fall fish are in.
It has been talked about on this site. It has been in the weekly fishing reports in both the Medford and the Grants Pass papers and the talk in every fishing department or store is the Fall fish. Maybe you need to get out of the town of Rogue River more! :whazzup: :grin:

As for the winter Steelhead, I don't know where you got your info. but no, the information you got is not true. Oh, the winter fish do follow the fall Chinook, but about 2 or 3 months later. There is a good run of summer steelhead in this river that many don't pursue nor talk about a lot. Those fish will be present pretty much until the winter fish show up after the first of the year. (a lot of people catch spent summer fish while pursuing the winter fish early)
There are always a few big fish (8 to 10lb) caught in this run and they can be caught up until the holidays. My life long experience is that there are salmon in steelhead in this river almost any month of the year and the confusion over runs is ongoing.

The true winter run does not show up in an numbers until Christmas or later although some folks start fishing for them around Thanksgiving. If you are wanting a 20lb Steelie (and who dosen't!) I would recommend you wait unitil January or February........ I would also recommend you try the Chetco, the Illinois or one of the other smaller coastal streams to up your odds of catching one that big.

Shoot me an email if ever you want local information.

BTW, we put 6 fall fish in the boat in two days this last week. All around Gold Hill and still in very good shape! :dance:

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