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I had the pleasurable experience of getting a new to me 02’ Ford Escape from Doherty yesterday. They had a deal on add that was to good to pass up so the wife and I motored in to check it out.

As it turned out we where greeted with a welcoming low-pressure atmosphere that made it a breeze to do business in. Charles my sales guy was patient, efficient, and very helpful. No BS just the answers we needed to make a good decision.

After Charles took care of us it was off the see the infamous “Mr. Kitchen Pass” (Dave) to finish the paper work. His big old printer went to work and before we knew it everything was signed. Even with the handicap of the weirdest pen I have ever seen or used. (I guess they have to use those old springs somewhere)

Thanks again Charles and Dave! Hope more Ifishers come your way.

Joel Glass
aka BlueWater.
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