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I stoped at Bi-Mart, and took a look at some new toys, and I came across a Lamiglas Rogue River Spicial.
Whipping it around and all, getting a feel for it,ect.
Has anyone out there have one? or use one ?
It seems perty stiff, lots of back bone and all.

Well after hearing from some of you all, I think for 114.00 I may have a new pole--(sorry jen)--- ROD.
Also I need to take a trip to Vancover Wa, in a week or two, proubly cheaper at the factory???

Thanks to all who reply, But than THANK YOU Ifish. RIVER-RAT.

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I have four....... the Med Heavy which was the original and now the new Heavy and the new 9' Med. Light. I also have the 7'6" "Half pounder" which is a killer side drifter.

Great value for the dollar. I have landed a lot of salmon on the MH and few on the H and loved them both. I have caught only a few Steelhead on the 7' 6"... Hope to break in the 9 footer soon on Steelhead.

The one Bi Mart stocks is the MH. A decent amount of backbone as you say yet a light enough tip that you have no problem feeling the slightest bite.

Go for it, you wont be sorry!!

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