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Ive had a dream of doing some ice fishing lately. So I had planned on going to Cascade Lake for perch at the first of 2023 Well God had other plans. on the 27th of December my Dad passed away in Michigan . My mom and Dad were married for 60 years and I knew mom was going to have a hard time . well I booked a flight and took along my cold weather gear. Since every thing was frozen back there I figured After the funeral Id hit a few places I use to fish as a Kid. well I took a few weeks of time off of work and headed to Saginaw The day I got there the River was frozen solid and guys were out fishing it seamed like everyone had a couple of walleyes on the ice, But I had to help Mom with the funeral and all that goes with that. well as luck would have it after the funeral there was a warm spell and the rivers were floating ice bergs . so I decided I would hit one of my all time favorite Northern pike lakes up north it was only about a 2 hour drive. well I bought a day license and headed to Tawas and got there around 7 am to find the lake is gone. crap didn't have a secondary plan so had breakfast at a restaurant and headed home. Mom wasn't doing well for about the next week, we all missed Dad so I just stayed with her and then one day she said you should go fishing. So I got out the rods since the river was open and free of ice flows and jumped into the truck and headed to Cabela's Saturday morning to get another day license well I get there and the dnr computer was down and wont be fixed until Monday:mad: ok off to 4 other stores and the same story. So back home again. So 16 days in Michigan and never got a line wet. I can just See my dad sitting in Heaven Laughing at me.
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