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launched at freds for a day of fishing on the willy and the channel. not much going on near the mouth of the channel so i decided to motor out towards the columbia. as i get near the columbia a bad smell of diesel fills the air. whats that? my son points out the rainbow colored water. yup there is it is. a light shene of oil covering the mouth of the willy. i quickly bail out of there. it was terrible. the oil seemed to be coming from the slough on the left hand side heading back into oregon just past the last plant out there. weird thing was people continued to fish the area. that grossed me out. i saw the coast guard cruise out there abot 30 minutes after i left not sure of the outcome but thats certainly not evironmentally sound. :mad: :mad: :mad:

my day ended with no fish again. i must be in the running for the baton

talked with the fish guy he had 3 fish for 46 boats. :hoboy:

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