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For all of you who have looked at the paper's "fair" report of Diamond Lake, forget that crap, at least, some of it.
Just got back from a week of beautiful weather, close encounters with wildlife, and some darn good fishing.
I or my family do not own a boat, so we had to settle with the little dinky rental boats. I was incorrect in my last assumption that they had five horse motors - most of them have about eight horses. :wink: We asked the guys at rental place where the hot fishing had been, and they told us where and what. We kind of figured, based on what we did last year. Southern end of the lake, powerbait and worm/marshmellow combinations.
Our first day we were directlty across from the Diamond Lake Campground's 'M' Loop boat launch, about 200-300 yards off the west shore. We did move around a little, but were in that general direction for most of the day. My sis started us off with two big fish on, and off due to faulty knots. :mad: We fixed that. Fishing was pretty consistant for us all the whole day. We ended up with 13 fish in total - eight of which 15 inches or better, with a 17 incher to top things off.
Second day, same place, same stuff. My dad, mom, and sis all got into fish, but I didn't have a single bite for almost four hours of fishing. Yeah, I guess you could say I was getting frustrated. No offense to my mom, but she's not exactly the fishing type, and she was outfishing me. They were all nice fish. We told ourselves we wouldn't keep anything less than 14 inches today. I was to the point of keeping the stupid chubs...
Well, after a quick bathroom break at the south day use area, I concinved my dad, our navigator, to head to the reedy and shallow south end. It took us a while to find a suitable pocket with enough fishing opportunities for four people. So we decide to bait up and eat lunch. It seemed like two seconds after that my mom gets a fiesty fish running all over the south end of the lake. Booooooo. She gets a nice 16-17 incher. About this time I am getting some good, hard bites. The first ones of the day for me. I set the hook, and nothing. Then I can feel more hard taps. Yank back on my rod as hard as I can and...nothing. I am seriously about ready to give up. So I dig into my tuna sandwhich (I seem to remember that Tuna Breath did some damage after eating a tune sandwhich... :wink: ) and there goes my rod again, set the hook and he's there!!! I'm pretty exicted about, and it's a nice fish. Then my mom hooks another fish, but it dives into the reeds, and gets off. :depressed: I look over at my rod, and it's practically bouncing off the lake water - woah! Set the hook and the fish takes off and jumps out of the water twice! First time I've ever had a lake fish surface! It was pretty darn cool. Also a nice fish. A while later, I pulled out a 19 incher not far from the spot where I found my touch again. It turned out to be the largest fish of the trip. Our second day totals were 14 fish, plus a few lost. Of the 14 kept, 1 was 12 inches, and the rest were over 15. A pretty darn good couple of days of fishing. My dad and I also went over to the upper Rouge and tried our luck there, we had caught some nice trout there before. This time was a different story. I got three small brookies, and three rainbows. I don't know if they don't stock it anymore, or what. I'm not exactly sure if it's still open, but we didn't keep anything, and there were signs that people had fished it recently. The rainbows I caught were especially speckeled over their entired bodies, much different from the trout caught at Diamond. I wonder if they are native...I don't think so. Anyone know the deal with the upper Rouge? We were camping at Theilsen View, and I also spent quite a bit of time fishing off the rock outcropping just north of the campground. I've always caught fish there in the past, but not a single bite the whole week there...maybe that's why the papers said fair... Anyway, it was a pretty good week. Two days of good fishing. We did catch quite a few chubs. The people at the marina said there is an estimated 10 million chubs in the lake. We could see thousands of the little ones in the shallows. The lake needs to be poisoned soon. Predicted poisoning is expected to take place in 2006...I hope it happens. Not many boats on the lake...our first day out we were the only boat out there for two hours! I think our second day there were about 10 boats out there, total. The fishing is good if you know what's going on...I hope the business there picks up, those people are hurting right now.
I did see some people trolling, but did not see anyone hook up. One thing I can't understand though, a guy had a really nice boat down from us, and he'd go out every morning about 10 for an hour or so, and troll for a while. Man, if I had that boat, I'd be up at daybreak everyday, and fish all over. I guess that's just me, the stranded bankie, and rental boat junkie. Oh yes...my secret for all of you who want to catch some big fish: Use small, single hooks. But on an inch long peice of worm, then half of a small marshmellow, and finally a salmon egg. Deadliest bait combo on Diamond Lake. The "Diamond Lake Special" was our most successful bait. Use between a 10 and 18 inch leader with two small splitshots, and that'll do 'er!
I'd post pictures if I had a scanner, but I don't have one right now, and not sure when I will, but if I do, I'll put 'em up. If you're going there, post it! I want to go back sometime in September, and I'd love to go with another ifisher who actually owns a boat with a motor stronger than those rental ones...
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