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Went to the Deschutes this last weekend, I stoped in at the only watering hole The Rainbow and got the skinny on the fees that the Indians want to put into place, First the fishing.


I would'nt spend a lot of time there as the fish are there but not biteing that good, I saw fish being hooked, landed, and throughen back,
Yes some fisherman have limited out, got lucky.
I hade 7 hook ups and lost all, one due to not knowing how to net a fish. Give it 2 more weeks and look out, and yes it's already COMBAT FISHING

For the parking and camping fees, From what I heard from a friend who works in Maupin for O-DOT, The road on the west side has a sign that reads no camping/parking, thats to come down real soon, O-Dot maintains the road the Indians dont, so you can park there, and where the ladder hole is well that is flaten out and real nice not like years in the past, THE RAILROAD OWNES THIS PARCEL, No Camping Fees, There is some confussion with the indians with o-dot and the railroad, but I did'nt pay and no one else did, and did'nt here jack about it. Good Luck Tight Lines Mr.A :dance: :dance:
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