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Deschutes Report

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Fished the Desch. this morning, started at about 7 o'clock. Slow day in my opinion. Hooked one(I think it was foul) and missed one other cuz I was turned around BSn'. My brother-in-law lost a small one and I saw 2 nates caught(and released) and heard of one other lost before day light.

I stayed until about 11:30 but all of the action happened before 10 or 10:30. The fish are primarily still A-run fish running about 4-5 pounds.

Stopped at Bonneville and saw a decent amount of steelies going past the windows. The B-runs are on there way from what I saw. Boy were some of them dandies running 15-17 lbs. Only saw two nooks and they were hogs in the 35-40lb range.

Well looks like this will probably be my only trip over there this year, I think I'm going to start hitting the coast now for the fallies. Going to try and see if I can get the new drifter it's first fall chinook in it this weekend. Wish me luck.

PS there were quite a few nets out on the CR as I drove down I-84.

Later Geoff
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Thanks for the report, good luck....
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