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Deschutes Boaters Pass Info

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Do I need one just to cross the river at Macks?
I did see the Sherriff run his personal watercraft all the way up, once. And he even had a cute female deputy onboard behind him.

Whats the best deal, I mean how many trips to make a season pass worthwhile?
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I was considering a season's pass last week when getting ready for a multi-day trip. However, I found out that the season's passes were not valid on weekends, and that kind of turned me off of the idea. I don't know your situation, but definitely part of the equation for me.
You need one to float any part of the lower river. I've heard of float tube guys getting tickets for not having them.:frown:
Bobberman is correct...we have to have one in our 'kickboats' just to cross the river. Fishrite

You need one to float any part of the lower river. I've heard of float tube guys getting tickets for not having them.:frown:
Plus, I beleive a season pass is only good for an individual-- all the others on your boat still need to get one.

From the boaters pass web site;"Deschutes River Boater Pass
Boater Passes are required all year for use on the Lower Deschutes River from Pelton Reregulation Dam to the confluence with the Columbia River. Any individual using a watercraft or any other floating device as a means of transport is required to have in his/her possession a Boater Pass. Passes are available from this website and from a number of vendors throughout Oregon. Access may be restricted to a limited number of boaters on certain sections of the river during peak use periods including group size limitations. Please contact the Prineville BLM for up-to-date information on the boater pass program.

2007 Lower Deschutes River Boater Pass Fee ScheduleA transaction fee of $1.95 up to 3% of the total fees, whichever is greater, will be charged in addition to the boater pass fee.No Refunds for Deschutes River Boater Passes.$50.00Frequent User Pass (Pass is not valid on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from May 15 through September 15 on Segments 1, 2 and 3; and May 15 through October 15 on Segment 4)$2.00Person/Day all year$6.00Peak Weekend Fee (Additional fee applied to $2.00 Daily Fee per person per day, Saturday and Sundays only, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend (May. 26, 2007 - Sep. 2, 2007). $ 3Vendor may charge handling fee up to $3.00
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Buy this online. Save the time and $$$. Its a very easy thing to do.:cheers:
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