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Thank you for posting this recipe. I developed a love for potato pancakes while living in Germany years ago.

In a weak show of support to the Ukranian fight for survival, it's pretty much all I have to offer for today, I cooked Deruny for breakfast, and shared the recipe with friends and family.

Cooked low and slow in sesame oil they came out a nice golden brown. Sprinkled with salt and devoured with a dollop of sour cream and apple sauce on the side.

Delicious stuff!

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Glad it was an enjoyable experience Eric @Aervax.
I too love potato pancakes and have tried many styles.
This one is presently my new fav.
The recipe using fine shred potato's is definitely the best.

Eat mashed taters at least once a week and always have leftovers.
This will be my new repurposing of the mashed tater.

Low and slow is the way to make a cake for sure.
Going to try the sesame oil. Love me some sesame.
Also the apple sauce side ( make my own and freeze).
I also like sour cream top and fresh chopped bacon bits atop.
Hope all is well Bubba.
God bless the Ukrainians.
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