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Depoe tuna report 8/09

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Ran out on 44 52 line to 22 miles and started seeing jumpers. Water 62 degrees. Ended up outside the banana on the same line catching fish all the way. Water looked blue. Plain cedar plug fishing under the wake accounted for about 1/2 of our 20 fish total (full boat). Pitched fish traps at jumpers with great success, hooking up more than half the casts until we couldn't hold any more fish. Many over 20 lbs, average fish 18 and largest 26 lbs. Really nice ocean, 4 ft swells or less all day with almost no wind. T shirt weather. Ran home at 25 mph. Three TUNA newbies got a major blood bath, including my 8 year old son. Saw finback whales, two species of dolphin on the way in. Thanks salty dogs for the tech tips and this weeks numbers posted so I could get in the fish.
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Thanks for the report, Elkiller. That was good, usable information. This has to be my favorite time of the year - calm seas, jumpers, and light tackle.

We are soooooo fortunate to have a fishery like that just over the hill. :bowdown:

Nice job! :cheers: Thanks for the report. I think you meant 44 52 line tho.
Nice job! :cheers: Thanks for the report. I think you meant 44 52 line tho.

Yeah That had me goin HUH?
gotta be 44 52 if it is 22 miles near the banana

Thanks for the update I will be there this weekend
You are correct. Fat fingers and poor editing does that. I corrected the original post. Wow, you would need a lot of fuel to follow my first numbers. We also hooked a little north and found tuna anywhere we looked. Probably could have boated a hundred if we had the storage. But what would you do with 100?
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