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For those of you that want moorage for your boat during the combined ocean coho and chinook season this summer I would not wait much longer.

Depoe Bay will again be sold out this year and if you snooze, you'll loose. I talked again to the harbor master Gary today about it and he suspects that it will be sold out by mid May.

He has met quite a few ifisher's the last few years and thinks highly of them. Says they are a good and responsible group.

For 25' and under the current fee is $176.00 a month and $526.00 a year.

A lot less headaches being able to come down to your boat, get in and go. The launch lines the last few years since coho reopened are long and timely. If you have been there and done that, you know the lines will be all the way up the ramp to the Whistle Stop or hwy 101.

Phone (541) 765-2361

Fax (541( 765-2129

TDD# (800) 735-2900


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I talked to Gary this weekend and he was busy putting in as many finger
docks as he could ... rearranging the big boats so he could put more of the
smaller boats at the docks. He said it is definately filling up FAST, so if
you want a slip for this summer, better hurry!!

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