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For tomorrow's paper:

Denny Hannah, an icon of southern Oregon fishing, died early Sunday in a Spokane, Wash., hospital of complications from lung disease. He was 71.
Hannah was a career fishing guide in Oregon and more recently in Petersburg, Alaska, for 39 years and mentored many of today’s southern Oregon guides. He also put the UmpquaRiver on the map with it’s nationally famous smallmouth bass fishery.
Services are set for noon Saturday at the Elkton Baptist Church, about half an hour west of Interstate 5 between Eugene and Roseburg on Oregon 38.

Doggone it...


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Oh geeezz, another icon of the sport and industry we love gone. :(

Thanks Denny for all you did for us, and for helping younger pups along the way....

Condolences to the family.

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So Sad. Denny was a legend in the fishing world. I fished around him a number of years on the south coast. Him and my dad went back many years in the guides and packers Assoc..

My prayers and thoughts go out to him and his family.

Scott Amerman

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My prayers are with the family and friends of this man. He will be missed in the fishing community.


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Today... I am praying for you, Bill. -And for all of his wonderfully close friends. For Stan Fagerstrom, and for the family.

In my mind, the deceased are all going to the best fishing anyone could ever hope for... to a place where there is no sadness. Imagine that!

For us, we hang on as yet another chunk of our mountain of happiness falls from the top. :(

That's how I feel, lately... Like almost every week, a big chunk of my happiness is chipped off. Man, oh, man! How much can we all take? It seems like the hardest year in my life, lately! I keep thinking it will stop, but for myself, and for my friends, it's been tough, lately!

Please.. hang in there, and let's all appreciate each other, and be happy for all of the friends we still DO have. I suppose when those chunks fall off, it just means that it opens up some space to be filled with love by the friends we have remaining... and for new friends!

Let's fill those empty spaces!


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Denny was a great example of what river guides should be. Denny was a class act and was always promoting the industry. He loved seeing people catch fish even if they never fished with him.

One day on the elk river he had some clients and stopped fishing to allow a father and son to go through the hole. He told the father where to hold the boat and told the kid where to BB down too. Next was a slab hooked and the fight was on ending in a 12 year old landing a bright 25lb Chinook, his first on the Elk River.

I think Denny was almost as excited as the father and son and he hooped and hollered Way to go!!! His clients also pumped and excited.

Over the years I had many days where my day was brightened and my fishing knowledge grew because of Denny. But it all Started that Day when He told me and my dad where and how to catch a Elk River Chinook.

Gods Speed and I know you'll soon have havens Streams all dialed in waiting to teach us again.

My prayers to Todd and all the family members, to all that fished and were touched by Denny's infectious smile.

Val Perry
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