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DBUECHLER passes on to fish the rivers above

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A great friend and Fishing buddy passed on this past Monday.

Dave Buechler of Battleground Wa. 57 Was considered an American Legend by Truckin magazine. Life on the road and fishin when he was home. I cant imagine the beautiful sights he witnessed while travelling the country from dawns till the setting sun. I met dave Last fall here on Ifish as I was looking for someone to spend some free days on the rivers and help teach me the ways of the westerners. He welcomed me into his home so we could get to know each other and introduced me to his lovely wife Deb. We became very good friends and after only spending one day on the boat with him I felt like i had known him forever.

Dave was always warm hearted and would offer anyone the shirt off of his back if times called for it. Always had a positive outlook on all aspects of life and helped me get through some tough times myself. Dave and Deb have no children and I quickly felt like i could be one of their own. I wish i had more time to return the knowledge and show him so many things that he had not yet experienced as a fisherman as he was a rookie himself.

All I can say to you dave is FISH ON! well get em for ya. Love you man, Were all gonna miss you, And well never forget your smiling face.

If anyone would like to send their prayers::flowered:

Mrs. David Buechler
P.O. Box 766
Battleground, WA. 98604

Here are a few pics that I have.

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Spoke to Dave last year about kok fishing at Merwin. We did not hook up but now I am sorry that we did not.

Sounds like a great guy.

RIP Dave and fish on....

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