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My son drew the tag this year with 7 points. We hunted last weekend and yesterday morning. We walked 13 miles the first day and 10 Sunday and seen probably 20 does and 8 bucks. Only buck we see with a doe the first weekend was a giant 2x3. Passed on a decent 3x4 and some small 3 points and forks. Had a chance at a good buck last Sunday at 80 yards and told my son to wait for it to turn broadside it took off. Went back yesterday morning and a 100 yards into the first hunt we seen a nice fork and just after we walked past him there was a nice 3 point with 3 does but decided to keep hunting. Walked into some nice thin timber and tried rattling but nothing wanted to play. We decided to head back to the truck and try another area and on our way back I spotted a doe and she was with a good buck. I set up the shooting stick and my son got set up and I looked through the binoculars and thought it looked good enough but the buck was quartered away and right as I was going to tell my son to wait for him to turn he shot it right in the back of the neck and it was dead before it hit the ground. Really a fun hunt that I will remember forever. The watershed cop said he had only seen 5 of the youth hunters and he out of the 7 tags.
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