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Dall Sheep Update.......

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Well, I'm safe and sound back in Anchorage 5 days after flying into sheep camp. To say the least my body hurts in ways I never thought possible. But I am coming home with a trophy I'll treasure for years to come. Can you say 41" RAM!!!!!!!!!!!:dance: The sheep gods smiled on me for this one. We were out of food and ready to give up on this ram until the last night we spotted it on a far away hillside 3 miles from us. Well he's coming home in a few days and pictures to follow. Just a spectacular hunt that pushed me to limits I didn't think possible. It's time to sit in the hot tub and cure a few of the many blisters on my feet.

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That's good news man!!! Can't wait for the pictures.:cheers:
Sounds like an incredible hunt. Can't wait to see the pics.
That sounds AWESOME! Can't wait to see the picts and read the story, sounds like a true adventure :cheers:

Congratulations on your safe and successful return from this difficult and dangerous hunt. Looking forward to pictures and the story.
Yup, I see a good story and pictures ahead!

Great Job!:smash:
SWEET!!!!!! Can't wait to see the pics :cheers:

Nice Job TC. A 41" ram is a great trophy. Can't wait to see the pics. The Tuna are stil around too.
this sucks.......I just spent an hour typing and posting pics only to have this thing log me out and drop it.........I'll try again after breakfast.

Couldn't wait. I took a peek in the Gallery. That is just an awesome dall sheep. Beautiful pictures. Can't wait for the story.

Very nice Jim. By the way surf casters are catching tuna off the Coos Bay jaws. All kidding aside they are close to the beach.
Can't wait to see the pics.
Congrads all eyes waiting for the pictures and stories 41 is nice ram.:cheers:
Big Time Congrats.
Oh man...that is a BEAUTY!!! :smash: :applause:

Congratz :cheers:, can't wait to see the pic's
Just checked out the pics in the gallery. Congrats!!! :clap:

My body started hurting though just looking at those pictures. YIKES!! I'm sure a few days of humping it around that country would tear a body down pretty quick.
Congrats on a great sheep. I feel your pain. I spent 11 years living in Alaska and was addicted to sheep hunting. More than once I pushed my body way past the limits and paid for it with days and days of painful recovery. Give us the details on where you hunted. Can't wait for the pictures!
1 - 20 of 57 Posts
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