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Cutting early from work for a morning on the wilso

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Anyone need a spot filled? I have eggs, drift gear and kwiks. otherwise it'll be the bank show again!!!
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Rick- I read your last post, and I think I might have been the guy next to you on the bank (I cleaned out all the snags above you, and offered to net your fish). If that was you, nice to meet you. As you could probably tell, I'm new to that type of fishing. I'm better at fishing techniqes that involve an anchor and cold adult beverages.
For those of you who have not fished with Rick aka Baitboy, Don't do it. He is way beyond curtious, has his own gear, contributes to everything you could ask for and will make your regular crew look like.... well I am not going to go there but having Baitboy aboard is a real pleasure and you WILL want him back. So do me a favor and don't take him fishing so that I can always have him on MY boat.
Otherwise he'll pull your anchor, help you with your electronics, help do maintenance on your boat, contribute to gas, food, bait and gear.... offer awsome advice about how and where to catch fish and generally give you every reason to have him back which may leave ME looking for crew next time I want to fish.

Seriously, if you have room on your boat, take him up on his offer to fill an open seat. If you don't have an open seat, open one up.... you won't regret it.

Or you could just remind him that HE needs to finish HIS renovation at home.... but he wouldn't want me to mention that....

Good luck buddy, let us know how you do.
By the way... in the picture in my signature, that is him on the Starboard side of MY boat.... where HE belongs :grin:
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Yeah that was me Beefcake how was the rest of your day? I left around noon got a rueben up at the Guide Shop and went home happy that I had a fish and I didnt even have to touch it to let it go!!!
We grabbed some food and went exploring downriver. We found a spot with decent bank access, but just couldn't make it happen. Watched a couple caught by bankies and 4 or 5 caught by driftboats, but we were on the side of a cutbank at the bottom of the hot hole and couldn't get a good presentation upstream. Plus, the rain storm drilled us just as we were leaving at about 1pm.

Thinkin' we might take a boat next time and either troll the bay or prove our doughball prowess from the driftboat (Actually, Lance is a pretty good fisherman, but I've still got some learning to do on small river stuff. We've only drifted that area once, so weekend "bumper-boats" has got me nervous... Thanks to lilnorthfork for showing us that stretch last spring though; we may give it a shot and try not to screw-up anyone else's day).
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Report for the morning...

Saw several caught but no fish for me. I fished from the guides shop up to siskeyville with all of the fish I saw coming out of the lower stuff could be the fish per rod hour ratio at work though....
At least you were out there. I was pouring concrete.
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