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Maybe MapQuest will be more helpful. From 2 Wallas, the closest water is the Columbia at Tri-Cities, a bit farther to the Snake, it looks like. North of Pasco 50 miles is Scootney Reservoir, just North of Mesa. Good for LM, SM, Perch and Walleye. Can't say about other varieties. Potholes is about another 30 miles North. Follow the signs toward "Mardon's", State Park, etc. Potholes is very low at this time of year, but Scootney is quite stable in water level, so I'd recommend it. Would, anyway. That doesn't mean it's easy to navigate. All of these have their boating hazards, and no markers :yeahthat: are allowed. The Columbia and Snake have navigation markers, at least. Don't venture to the wrong side :bricks: of the markers, even a little bit. One of our club members found that out, the hard way. :pray: By the way, if you are going after catfish on the Columbia or Snake, you'd best be ready for sturgeon, with proper permits, tackle, etc. Hey, some new icons....cool! C&R, Steve :passout:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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