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Curious about Walla Walla area warmwater fish

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Because I'd like to know what is going on there for warmwater fish other than smallies. Thanks, to anyone who knows.

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what about potholes? You can always fish for walleye in the cr too.
How far is Potholes from WW?
this far?

I know, it's not exactly close. But should be well worth the drive. There's also Banks Lake north of Potholes. Never been there but I hear it holds SM and LM.
That's not too bad. I heard there were catfish in the Tri-City area back when I was going to school at CWU. There's gotta be some catfishing along the snake and columbia there abouts...
Maybe MapQuest will be more helpful. From 2 Wallas, the closest water is the Columbia at Tri-Cities, a bit farther to the Snake, it looks like. North of Pasco 50 miles is Scootney Reservoir, just North of Mesa. Good for LM, SM, Perch and Walleye. Can't say about other varieties. Potholes is about another 30 miles North. Follow the signs toward "Mardon's", State Park, etc. Potholes is very low at this time of year, but Scootney is quite stable in water level, so I'd recommend it. Would, anyway. That doesn't mean it's easy to navigate. All of these have their boating hazards, and no markers :yeahthat: are allowed. The Columbia and Snake have navigation markers, at least. Don't venture to the wrong side :bricks: of the markers, even a little bit. One of our club members found that out, the hard way. :pray: By the way, if you are going after catfish on the Columbia or Snake, you'd best be ready for sturgeon, with proper permits, tackle, etc. Hey, some new icons....cool! C&R, Steve :passout:
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All of the Snake impoundments have excellent smallmouth fishing, also very good catfishing and fair panfishing.
"Permits" Steve? That's definitely a warm water fish. "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!" Curly
"Permits" Steve? That's definitely a warm water fish. "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!" Curly

Oy! :passout: C&R, Steve
Pale Rider, there is good catfish fishing in the Walla Walla river. I haven't fished for catfish myself, but I've seen pictures of them taken out of the Walla Walla and it seems to be a really good fishery there.
Sweet! I'm trying to score a job there, and in Texarkana. Either will offer up some awesome fishing. :cool:
Mckay Reservoir by Pendleton seems to hold LMB as well, that's another place you can try.
Other than the Columbia, I think your gonna find the fishing around WallaWalla to be a bit on the thin side. Gonna have to travel a bit to find the good Washington water. McKay Res in Pendleton, is one out of state and two not all that great for LM in my opinion. I caught ONE LM in the 3yrs I spent there. Now the Crappie fishing on McKay was top notch!!
At least w/ the Columbia closse you can get into some REALLY BIG walleye!
Thanks for the info. I turned the job down, so I guess it won't matter, at least, not for now. The next place I'm looking at is Texarkana. Looks gooood for warmwater fishies.
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