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How far apart are the swells? how steep are they?

Last summer I was out coho fishing in a buds 20' sled. the swells were big-10-12 feet. But they were 15 seconds apart and fairly flat. You spent as much time going up and down as you did on the "flats" between swells.

This weekend we were out again. This time in a 24'trophy. The swells were maybe 6-7 feet high. Wind chop was a factor.The bow shoveled a few times just trolling. It was sloppy and the swells were quite steep. We fished for an hour and bagged it.This is a fine ocean boat too.

I take the big stuff more or less fairly straight. It is easy to get sideways at a bad time quartering big swells. So I just point the bow into the center of the action and hold on.

i also think that trolling speed is safer than running hard( within reason). You seem to bob around better at slow speeds.

Mark and the still salty dog.
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