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Fished the Columbia near Bonneville Dam Sunday morning 9 am to 1 pm. Saw two fish taken, nada for my boat. Two rods fishing, no strikes. Trolled K16 and K14 Kwikfish with bait wrap, 20 to 50 pulls on jumbo green floating diver on 24" sliding dropper, covered the river bank to bank on slow back troll. Fished riprap on WA side, fished hump just off the single boat ramp on WA side- 25' water with 45' on either side. Fished rocky shore line on OR side between the bank fishermen in 18' to 50' of water.

Tried spinner and Cayote and Alvin on 6' leader and various length droppers, 10 oz sinker. Saw a lot of fish on the Lowrance, particularly on the OR side. Tried trolling upstream to increase speed. No strikes at all.

Had trouble judging depth of Kwikfish (behind diver) in relation to bottom. Settled on letting out line until action on Kwikfish stopped. I figured it was then bumping bottom. Reeled up about 5 turns for good action and set it in the rod holder. Any suggestions are welcome. Had 6' leader, jumbo Luhr Jensen floating diver on 24" sliding drop, 25 lb. Maxima Ultra Green main line.

Water too warm is the typical reason with that many fish around. Other reason is that they are "bookin' and not bitin'" right now.

At least my experience. :depressed:
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