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Went over the bar this morning about 6:45 am. got to the W bouy ( that what it was on the GPS ) started fishing , only 2 of us in the boat and we were busyier than a 1 leged man in a butt kicking contest , we probably had about 10 or 12 fish on in about 2 hours or less ,, let 2 fin cliped coho go (TO SMALL) and several nates go . kept 4 good size coho 3- - 11 pounders and 1 -- 13 pounder ,Came back across the bar at about 10 am. went to the church hole , fished deep for nooks but no bites. Very good trip lots of fun .

Did anyone cross the bar in or out at about 10 am and if so how would you rate the bar ,,#1 being flat and #10 being real bad. we rated it at about a 4 or 5 . just large swells.
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