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Hit the CR again today with Fisheromen at a different location. Those who knew what they were doing backtrolling were picking up fish. We really didn't. We bought the gear to seize the weekend but I guess the weekend was over for us, however....
We did find a few bright coho...hundreds of them. Rolling, porpoising, cartwheeling, you name it. One rod pulled a silver/red wiggle, the other straight pink. 1/2 hour of nothing. Then I recalled a guy I talked to up on the Deschutes about some river that dumps into the CR between Bonny and the Dalles and trolling for coho. Two words. Michael Jackson. Between 5:30 to 7:00pm fast troll - 4 on, two to the boat; 12# and 15# - MINT. :dance:
Pictures to follow...
Find me at the Buffett concert tomorrow for details :cheers:
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