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Was in the area of the CR yesterday and had albacore right there. Failed to put any tuna tackle on the boat so all we could do was watch them crashing mackerel on the surface. Fun to watch while it lasted.

Got a late start and didn't have the boat off the trailer till 8:00 at Hammond. Lots of boats coming in as we were headed out so I guess we missed an early bite. Water was warm (66) so fished at 25/35 pulls and found fish. Downriggers would have been nice. Had a great bite going just before 1:00 a couple of miles south of the CR but few boats there to take advantage of it. Simply amazing how some folks won't go looking when the bite stops where they are. Had a shark problem but nothing severe enough to prevent catching plenty of fish. We did land one shark so does anyone have any recommendations for proper way of making something edible out of one? Never eaten a Blue but the Mako I've got in the freezer is sure good.
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