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My brother-in-law, his oldest son and I fished the Cowlitz yesterday. We floated my DB from Blue Creek to Mission Bar. I am having a bit of an issue with my neck so my brother in law did all the rowing (yeah). There were quite a few boats at the put in, but once we rowed downstream a little way, there was a lot less pressure. We saw very little action, lots of smolts though, and didn't pick up any "keepable" fish.
Once we got to Mission Bar, my nephew stayed with the boat and gear while we ran back up to Blue Creek to get my rig. That took us about 15 minutes and when we got back to the take out, we look down by the ramp and my nephew is holding on to a small, bright steelhead (approx. 2-3 lbs.) that he caught while we were retreiving vehicles. :dance:Sure enough it was clipped and so he took it home.

That was the first Steelhead he has ever caught. He is 16. Just goes to show, you fish all day in a boat, get lots of good looks at lots of water and he catches a fish at the take out. What a hoot. The fish was caught on a #3 Blue Vibrax with a silver blade.
Great day to be on the river!
I am really looking forward to getting him into fall fish and seeing his face when he hooks into a 30 or 40 lb. Chinook.:bigshock:

Good luck and tight lines to all. :cheers:
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