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Colt Ar-15 question

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I am purchasing a colt Ar-15. I am having trouble finding a lot of useful information about the model as their are so many of them. Does anybody know much about this model or is their a good website to try to figure it out. I decided to purchase it as it was NIB and I was given a deal on it because it is from a close family friend.

it is a green label r6600k w/ .22 conversion kit. It is marked Colt ar-15A2 HBAR sporter. It has a birdcage hider but no bayonet lug. I can post the exact serial number later. It is NIB and the box is even in stellar condition. I was wondering what the approx. date of manufacture was and if it has an unblocked lower. Also, was this rifle manufactered before colt started using only colt parts? I have a bushmaster HBAR and was wondering if this rifle is worth keeping NIB (which would be difficult for me as I don't ever forsee myself selling any of my guns)

Any info is appreciated
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I don't know but does your friend have any more?

This is just a guess on my part, but I'll bet it's close.

I'm thinking your rifle was made ca 1989-91, or around that time frame.

This was during the time when Colt was getting lots of pressure about selling "Assault Rifles". In their attempt to get rid of some of the deadly assault rifle features, i.e. flash hider, pistol grip, bayonet lug, etc., they started installing Front Sight Assemblies that had the Bayonet Lug sawed off.

Colt models made shortly after this model had a hardened block installed in their lowers as well as different size pins than M16s to prevent select fire conversion parts from being installed. They also stopped marking them "AR15" and started marking them "Colt Sporter".

You can call Colt's Mfg. in Hartford, give them the serial no. and they will tell you when the rifle was manufactured and shipped.

If you want to pay the paperwork fee, they will even send you a letter stating the above.
Colt produced some sporter ar's in the preban days which had no lug.It also might be the 6500 which was discontinued in 1989 Good luck and be safe ..
Colt produced some sporter ar's in the preban days which had no lug.It also might be the 6500 which was discontinued in 1989 Good luck and be safe ..
did you get it?

if you dont please send me his info i'll buy it id like a old green lable colt.

the only parts that are colt only parts is the large front pivot pin found on green lable (pre 89) rifles and some transitional rifles . and blue lable after 89 will use a large pin fire control group and half circle carrier (the carriers are interchangeable though) and most have the sear block installed . so really the only parts to be concerned about and really there is no concern unless you plan to swop out parts is the hammer trigger diconnector and possibly the front take down pin.
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