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Chris don't take this the wrong way....... :cheers:

I have found that when the water is low and clear and cold , I size down my plugs and slow down the boat. In really cold water sometimes a rattle works well. A prime example was yesterday I pulled some of my top producing tadpollies thru a drift that I knew had fish in it. I went thru twice with nada. I had taken 7 fish on them in this slot during the prior 5 days . I swithched to small #30 quiet hotshots and in 3 passes hooked 3 fish. The next run we got a double and so on. I switched back to Tadpollies and didn't get bit, switched back to hotshots and got nailed several times again. A few of us think that unlike in warmer water, the fish is not trying to eat the plug, instead they are trying to remove it from their space, a lot of times they hit the plug on top or from the side. We had 4 rods bury and came up empty. when examining the plug it had either no teeth marks or they were on the bill of the plug. This has been an evolutionary science for me. It seems to have a consistent pattern (according to my log). I have had great tudors ( some of the best ) and its the little things that make a difference. Thats just my opinion.
Hope that helped.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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