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Close call with a runaway trailer on I 5

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This morning while on our way down to Eugene we had an extremely close call with a utility trailer coming undone and crossing the median. That trailer missed us by about 10' while doing about 65mph. The car behind us was not so lucky. We both witnessed this trailer collide head on with this small car. We pulled off to the shoulder to go try to help, the single person in the car was surprisingly OK but very shaken up, his car was totaled. So please check, double check, and triple check your trailers before heading down the road.

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Re: Please make sure your trailers are on tight

Use a lock-down of some sort. Even if it's just a nut and bolt to hold the lock. And hook up your chains with a clip of some sort (not a hook). Cross them so if it does slip off the ball (but it won't if you lock it down over the proper sized ball) it won't hit the ground as you hit the brakes.

Thank God he wasn't hurt. :flowered:
:bigshock: YIKES, I saw the aftermath - passed by as the driver was being put on the stretcher. Now I know why the trailer was all by itself - it was totalled as well! Scary, sounds like it could have been much worse.
I'm SO glad you and everyone else is alright.

How terrifying!
It took us a few hours to calm down from this incident. We were on our way down to meet my Fiancé's mother to do Wedding planing stuff. It was a pretty nerve racking day to say the least. We had a paranoid drive home last night.

Why in the heck don't they have those cable fences going down the center of the median? They have them near Portland. That trailer went effortlessly through the median. Are they just waiting for somebody to get killed first?

It amazing how many people are clueless when it comes to trailering. I've had a couple people tell me they run a 2" coupler on a 1-7/8" ball, or only use one safety chain or none at all, or don't use a lock on the coupler, etc etc. :eek:
Im sure your heart skipped a beat on that close call. Glad all are ok.

Our hearts did skip a beat. When I called 911 I told them there had been a serious accident involving a trailer and a small car. They immediately asked me if it was a Semi Trailer. Seeing that trailer smash that little car to bits is what made my heart skip a few beats. I can't believe that guy got out of his car with only a small cut on his hand.

That's the kind of thing that makes me want to re-think driving my little '86 Civic.

Scary stuff!
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