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Clackamas River REPORT

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I was looking for a little solitude and a chance to get a nice fish...So I hiked down to the Mouth of Eag ck and crossed the river to the Island.. I haven't been to the mouth since last fall.. looks like a big wash-out happend, and now there is a new mouth of Eagle creek. I tried bobber, Jigs, spinners, spoons, eggs, sand shrimp, corky, yarn, anise, and nothing! The water is well over 60* My cousin got 1 18" Clipped trout or small steelie. It had a Right Max clip on its mouth... That is it...
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Thanks for the report!

Interesting, does it look like the hole will fish ok in the fall? I may have to check it out before the season. I fished saturday up by rivermill and couldn't buy a bite. I saw one springer landed and another steelhead lost. It's definately a different river than last year.

Last year you'd have to beat them off with a stick. I'm now 0 for two trips up there. Oh well, it is good to get out.
Well the new mouth is up from the old mouth about 150 yards. The drift is still there by the old mouth. If the water is up this fall it will be impossible to get down there! Its totally different. the bit of land that seperated the clack from the creek is gone!
I just checked with our fish head (biologist) we have 200+ fish a day going over the dam at Rivermill. They don't seem to be bitting. Damoperator
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