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Clackamas hatchery recycling today with pics!

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I was invited to spend some time today at the Clackamas hatchery. First,we sorted fish that came into the trap. It was a lot of fun, but we had to work fast. Those guys do a great job and deserve a ton of respect and support. When we were done at the trap, I was able to release the springers and steelhead that were allowed to be recycled into the river. Very cool!!

This is me with a nice steelhead that we will get another chance at.

This is me opening the gate valve on the truck that releases the fish.
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Way to go Catch. Thanks for the story and pictures. Love to see the release effort in use.
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Way to give back to the program that benefits us all. :cheers:
What time did this take place? Saturday might be a good day to hit Riverside park or just above.

How many springers were recycled? Are they in good shape? Please more.
Around noon. The fish were in good shape.
just in time for free fishing weekend. i'll bet there's a lot of eagle claw and shakespeare rods being sold! think i'll stay home this weekend and work on the boat instead.
Not to put a damper on things but these fish went on through once without getting caught. River conditions haven't improved and steelhead are still steelhead. Not like stocked trout. At least those out there this weekend will know they are fishing on top of fish, not necessarily biters. It is always a spectacle to watch yahoos fishing right behind the recycling trucks on the Willamette tribs.
After almost 3 years on this board, I'm finally gonna be a Chinook!
Thanks for the pics.

Mark :cheers:
Way to go Catch 22! I know it can be fun. :dance:

Thanks for sharing.

Way to go Catch 22 ("Mr. Chynookie")

Thanx for the post and the pics

How many Chinook and how many steelies did you guys release?? What was the the native to hatchery ratio (or was your sorting all Hatch fish)?

Bob (the guy who locks his keys in the truck)
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We recycled all the steelhead we got back. I didn't get the numbers from them. We were going through so many fish I was confused half the time anyway.
There were plenty of native Springers, but mostly hatchery fish.

[ 06-07-2003, 08:52 AM: Message edited by: Catch 22 ]
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Oh yeah, the fish were released at Riverside Park.
Jason my friend, put a little sun tan lotion on those white legs before they burn like a slice of toast.
Great pictures and nice report. Hope all is going well. Maybe next time you see those fish they will be boarding your drift boat.
The fly fishing site looks good.

We still have to make one of those trips for summer fish as I need more help than most. My boat or yours, all I need is enough water to take mine and I am ready. Gotta get dialed in on the Clack. for some summer fun.

*Fish only bite wet hooks*
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