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Hello folks.

Just wanted to bounce a few things off of you who fish the lower Clack. I remember when growing up, we fished over by the pump station. Well now you can't park over there; there is lots of signs that says you'll be towed. So what can a guy do? I thought, we'll maybe a guy could launch a boat over at Carver, and just be careful to get down there. The problem I have, is a prop...no jet.

So I'm curious, those of you that have traveled down from Carver to over by the pump house, is it navigable with a prop? If not a big motor, how about with a trolling motor? I guess I could see about anchoring the boat on the bank and just walking down the final stretch on foot...since I can't seem to park by my hole anymore.

Any ideas on this? It really bites that you can't park anywhere near that stretch of the river.


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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