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chinook salmon

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I will be going to chinook landing this weekend and I was wandering if it was 2 chinook per day, per person or only 1? I was also wandering if you can use the two alvin set up or if you can only use one in this area? sorry Im kinda out of the loop for the river I have been tuna fishing all summer.
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2 chinook per day. You can fish up to 3 hooks, a treble counts as 1 hook. So 2 alvins would be ok.
The limit went up this week. You can keep 2 chinook (old rule) AND one Silver. Or 2 steelhead and one silver, OR 3 Silvers. You choose. :grin:

You can do that on the Willamette and the Clack too.

Good Luck
Help me here. I understood that the lower Columbia trib's have the new limit, NOT the mainstem Columbia. Am I wrong??? :whazzup:
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