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Check out this hog!!!

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Goverment Island finally paid of for me again :grin: This one was almost 40lbs!!!!

Oh ya I guess I should say what is was on too.Blue and chrome wobbler in about 35ft of water.It was kinda nice being the only boat out there that thang took me for a ride down river!!

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Darn my first upload and it wont work can someone fix it??
How did you do that??
You need to hit the "image" button on the bottom of the screen and insert the picture code into the new box that opens.
Nice fish!! :cheers:

Dipnet :grin:
Dang nice fish! :shocked:
. It was worth getting the boat wet for that one!
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Thats A beauty!!!!! Congrats!
:dance: :bowdown: :bowdown:
Is that Nicholas Cage?

Noyce fish! :bowdown:
Way to go! :cheers:

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