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Mark called today, and said he is just knocking them dead on Halibut, and would like to book some weekdays to go get after them!
I have been out with him, and talk about a safe, comfortable trip! There are bathrooms on that boat!

He also is giving us a trip for two, to give away for salmon, in thanks for your patronage.

I am trying to figure out a fun contest that will take a while... No! Chinarider has a great one! That's right! :smile:

Anyway... I wanted to let you know that he's after them, and willing to go weekdays. I'm not sure when Halibut is, but give him a call at Phone: (503) 861-2429
Boat phone: 503-338-0569
and ask. He's hyped up to go after them! :smile:

He's also booking salmon, sturgeon and bottom fish.

We'll get his contest going soon.

You can visit his web page right here!

Mark is SUCH a nice guy, with a great family, and he has been with ifish for a long time. Let's go halibut fishing! :smile: (Not me, but send me some steaks! :grin: )


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