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By friend, David King! :smile:

Hi Jennie,

I'm just home from salmon fishing w/ Charlton
Charters, and it was another great day. The
image attached is of Captain Mark with my
nephews, JD (on the left) and Patrick (on the
right) Oswald. Patrick is holding the Chinook
that he landed and, while JD landed numerous
natives that were released and a Coho keeper,
he's actually holding a second Chinook that I

As always, the trip was pleasant, professional,
and productive. We came home with 2 Chinook
and 4 Coho, although it did take some time to
find them.

To emphasize the quality of Mark's service, I
must tell you the final chapter. As we were tied
up at the dock, I handed Patrick his Chinook for
the picture and, as only a 13 year old can do, he
dropped it overboard. They are slippery, you know.
And, of course, the fish sank even though Mark Jr
made a nearly-instantaneous lunge with a net.

Patrick looked so sad and said, "I am so sorry." over
and over. He'd been seasick all day and only able to
participate in winding in one fish, and now it was gone.

Captain Mark and Mark Jr. started working the problem.
That this fish was lost was not a part of their thinking.
The longest net wouldn't reach the bottom and so Mark
Jr. got a rowboat and worked the area with the net, to
no avail. Mark Sr. invented a grappling hook with a sinker
and a halibut hook and started systematically dragging
the bottom.

I started conveying the message to Patrick that we still had
5 fish and one got lost. Patrick's brother JD, ever looking
for a silver lining, argued that now we could say it was 4 feet
long and weight 50 pounds and no one would really know. As
we worked to accept our fate, the Charltons just kept working
the problem.

"Get the net," Mark said, "I've got something." and so he did.
He brought that Chinook to the surface and we netted it (again).
The fish that was caught twice. The State of Oregon inspector
took all this in stride and measured the beast at 32 inches.

So, that was Coho/Chinook 2003 on the Ruby Sea. This year
it was clear that JD was fully able to manage his own rod - he
fished from the front of the boat with counsel from Captain
Mark and did very well. Patrick is 2 and 2 on the Ruby Sea -
two great journeys and two, like today, when he did a lot of

Kind regards,
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