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Celebration of Steve Koler's life

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Let's hear some memories, guys.
Steve passed away in the last hour.
Let's rejoice in his life. Let's remember all of the wonderful things.
Let's celebrate who he was and the fishing legacy that he left with so many of us!
It's a very sad day for those of us who will miss him. But he is still with us... every time we are on the river.

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Young Bill and I spent a night in Steve's camp on the Kenai. Billy snapped a rod on a fish and Steve never flinched. I caught a 51-pounder in my hour or two in one of his boats. The cleaning station's drain went into the river and had a couple of mink that would scurry up the tube and pop their heads out the drain hole to catch the first tidbits...Steve and his family were just topnotch hosts...He got so many people started in fishing...
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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