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Celebration of Steve Koler's life

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Let's hear some memories, guys.
Steve passed away in the last hour.
Let's rejoice in his life. Let's remember all of the wonderful things.
Let's celebrate who he was and the fishing legacy that he left with so many of us!
It's a very sad day for those of us who will miss him. But he is still with us... every time we are on the river.

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Yes Steve will be missed, but his memory will live forever...

I get a kick out of all the nice comments about a guy when they are gone...Steve would be beat red cheeked if he heard all these nice comments....

I met him over 16 years ago through David Johnson/NW Steelheaders~McLoughlin Chapter Koler invited David and I on several different trips...we were in high school and he didn't expect anything...he wanted to show us kids "how it's done"

He wanted us to catch fish sooo bad and when we did "rookie" "cracker" "oopsies" Koler would get [potty mouth]! But at the end of the day I learned....now David is the one is teaching and I also try to teach...that's what it's all about...

I knew Koler when he packed a .44, drank Wild Turkey and made Sailors (!#$!%@!) embarrassed...I'm saddened for his family, but delighted that he is no longer suffering....

Here's to "Dirty Steve" The other Clint Eastwood :cheers:
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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