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Celebration of Steve Koler's life

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Let's hear some memories, guys.
Steve passed away in the last hour.
Let's rejoice in his life. Let's remember all of the wonderful things.
Let's celebrate who he was and the fishing legacy that he left with so many of us!
It's a very sad day for those of us who will miss him. But he is still with us... every time we are on the river.

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It hurts my heart to hear this news.

I do reflect back and think about all the great times I had with Steve on the river.

I met my wife in Steves camp on the Deschutes one Labor Day weekend.

Caught my very first Clackamas springer and steelhead in Steves boat.

Learned how to back troll next to the Lake Line and the Garbage Hole like only the master could.

He showed me some nooks and crannys on the Willamette that still hold springers today.

I caught my largest ever Chinook with Steve in Alaska.

Enjoyed more than one of his awseome meals on the river bank.

Spent more than one night at a camp fire or under a lantern exchanging ideas and talking about fishing hunting and our next adventure.

Steve gave me my fist Duds Plug to troll with.

Hoisted a few beers together at some SuperBowl parties over the years.

Steve showed me how to trim your out board up so that the jet can shoot water and knock your buddy over that is enjoying his dinner in a lawn chair on the river bank. :grin: A stunt I still enjoy today.

Laughed, talked, ate, drank, and always had a good time when I was blessed with his company..

:angel: :angel: :angel:

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Funny this should pop back up.

Two nights ago I was out in the garage preparing for springer season tying up some gear. Steve crossed my mind as I was working away because I was using the methods that he taught me.

Some things are timeless. :bowdown:

You know it must be karma. I haven't looked at this section of ifish since January of 2006 and this pops up tonight???? Go figure.

The Deschutes is in full swing, Tillamook is just around the corner, a November elk hunt all bring back lifetime memories with Steve.

Hope you and Gene are doing well! No BS this year. We need to rendezvous in Tillamook County next month.

1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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