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Celebration of Steve Koler's life

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Let's hear some memories, guys.
Steve passed away in the last hour.
Let's rejoice in his life. Let's remember all of the wonderful things.
Let's celebrate who he was and the fishing legacy that he left with so many of us!
It's a very sad day for those of us who will miss him. But he is still with us... every time we are on the river.

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Many years I remember seeing Steve fishing on the Deschutes and he was always wearing a red t-shirt with the sleaves cut off. I remember talking to him at Green Light asking him why the red shirt. He used to tell me that when his clients had their beer goggles on, it was so they recognize him. My hat is off to Steve, the next Deschutes "freight train" will be released to swim again in his remberance.

1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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