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I got back from catching Tuna, I want to can some of my tuna. I bought a used pressure canner, it is a automatic pressure setting of 15 pounds pressure. I loaded it up with water on a test run and got the pressure to rise up to 15 where the wiggler started working. Then I cut down the heat and heald it at 11 lbs. Is this a okay method to get the pressure up to 11-12 and cut down the heat to hold it there? Or do I need to run it up to 15 lbs and hold it there? If I run it at 15 lbs is the time different than 110 mins?

There is this great book that I use as a reference for all canning:

The Ball "Blue Book of preserving".

Has all the information you will need and works as a great reference. I keep one at home, and one in the 5th Wheel (we often can on long trips). I got mine at Bi-Mart...I am sure it is available about anywhere you can find canning supplies.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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