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Kevin this is discussed each and everytime i am out. I for one think there is need for change, drastic change on how this is managed. I know the commercial guys need to make a living, but really, who is spending the money and who benifits?
For starters, i think no netting or fishing until that magical percentage is reached, 2nd, sportfishing brings in more money to each local economy than does the commercial fishing- rods, reels, bait, parking permits, gas, coffee etc, It all adds up-
3rd if the commercial guys dip into OUR fish, then they should pay the price--we do. The price they pay should be a decrease in next years harvest, or grounded all together.. personaly, i think it's crap I bought a lic, and have my season cut to just a couple of weeks, or a few days during the week. I had vacation plans mapped out for specific days, that well, got wasted because I coudn't fish the waters I wanted to, because some outfit took all the fish--
There is a serious need for change on how this fishery is mangaged and who's pulling who's strings.

on the buffalo gillnetting thing, well I'm not sure how that fits in. The buffalo were slautered outright to get rid of the food and clothing source for the tribes back in those days

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