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Originally posted by Capt. Hook:
I have heard people on this board actually favor returning to the fishwheel! Why would anyone want to return to the one method responsible for nearly wiping out the runs entirely.
<font size="2" face="verdana,arial,helvetica">CaptHook - Fishwheels might not have been as bad as you think. In their heyday Columbia fishwheels caught about 5% of the total commercial harvest (nets took 95%). The wheels were located in the Gorge area because they require strong current to operate. Fishwheels were banned by the legislature in the 1920s & 1930s due to political pressure brought to bear by then-powerful and influential lower river netters and canners. Fishwheels were portrayed as "unhuman" fishkilling machines by the netters... As if....as if the netters were a benign influence and had nothing to do with wiping out the runs...as early as the 1880s for the summer chinook. :hoboy:

Fishwheels can be hard on oversize sturgeon that become entrained in them...but fishwheels would be a more selective method for salmon harvest than gillnets are. :wink:
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