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Camping this wknd, asking for ifish xperteece

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This is an unorthadox trip. Not very well planned, but we are doing it. My folks are driving up from Medford and cutting over to Newport from Eugene. My wife and I are going over to Tillamook from Bvtn. Both parties will be looking for places to camp out and contact each other on the cells when a good spot is found, then meet up at whatever location that may be between Tbay and Newport. Fishing would be great. I know there isn't a campground within a thousand miles that would take a reservation THIS wknd so we may need to dry camp on national forrest. No problem.

What I'd like to ask you guys is, what areas (rivers) would likely have salmon at this point between these areas that you would recomend? Silver/King, whatever. My Mother would like to stay within at least a short drive to the beach. I think my kiddo would like that too. I could care less about going to the beach if there is a shot at fish. :grin:

I'm used to fishing in Astoria/CR/Willamette etc. so I don't know techniques or locations on the rivers over there. Been meaning to get over that way and check out some new water.

Totally open to suggestions and would love to hear what you guys had to say. I know its a big stretch of land, but some points to check out along the way for starting points would really be great coming from you guys.

Thanks :cheers:
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Don't know about a place to camp but you can check out the Oregon fish and game website for weekly fishing info.
i hope you're getting private messages on this one. i'm sure it's really zipperlip stuff, not that the fishing is really that hot but that a lot of these coastal hideouts can't take a lot of pressure.
Not yet amper, I hope to get some though.

I wouldn't hold out in a zipper spot or probably even come back to it since there is plenty of fishing here near home. Heck, I don't even need a zipper. Just a place to fish that has a shot for them in these areas.
You might get lucky and find a spot to camp at Devils lake state park on NE 6th in Lincoln City. Reservations are not taken but it has its downsides. Also, theres a camp site up the Siletz across from Morgan park (or is it Strome, I can never remember) about 15 miles upriver no water or power.

As far as fishing???

I'll unzip the zipped lip briefly and say anywhere west of Newport is a good bet.
Actually, this is generally a weekend I avoid fishing tidewater from a boat due to crowds.
Siletz will have its share of boats and theres a fish or two here but hungry ones are scarce due to large numbers of baitfish in tidewater and surf.

This weekend has minus tides in the AM with a new moon. I'd bet the rockfish will be as active as they can be in late Aug in the early AM Fri-Mon.

Send Depoebaydan a hello for a report and get the skinny on the hotspots. I hear a few hos and lots of nice trout have been hooked in Devils lake when theres cloud cover.
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