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I called in one a couple of weeks ago using a remote caller. I used the rabbit in distress call. I set up in a place that I had been seeing bears and lots of bear sign. I called for about 30 min on a deadend road and nothing happened, so I got discouraged and got up and walked to the end of the landing for 10 min. When I came back to get my caller out of the tree there was a bear down in the brush about 25yards away. He wasn't acting scared, he was grunting and pacing back and forth. I think that he was ****** I was in the way of his rabbit lunch. He would have come up onto the road sooner or later, thats where the rabbits are in my area.
Now I learned a lesson from this all.

1)It might take a while for them to come in. If its them building confidence, or just coming from a aways off. Patience.

2)Bears will come to the electronic calls:cheers:.

3)A treestand might help with the wind in brushy tight places where you call from. THe wind plays a huge role in successfull predator calling. Always be able to see your downwind side.

Good luck I will be out trying it to soon!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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