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In 1996 I bought a used 25' Apollo boat with an I/O 351" V-8, radar, loran...I added a new VHF, music system and fishfinder. Used it summer of '96 in Puget Sound and the San Juans and late summer/fall had it at Winchester Bay. Sold it in 1997...it was in very good condition.

The buyer lives on my usual route to town and had the boat parked out where it was broadside to the highway...so I looked everytime I passed by. The guy used the boat only once, for just one day, as far as I could tell. Last week I noticed he had just cleaned the algae off the top & sides and had it looking good again.

Today I drove past and noticed the boat has burned on the trailer. :shocked: :depressed: The upper cabin & windshield are gone...just a shell left.

Nobody was home today so I don't know what happened...and couldn't get a better picture due to gate, fence and 2 large dogs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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