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It took all of 5 minutes to get the first keeper on the hook this morning (8/29), gotta like that. Low tide at 8:20, skunk free by 9:25.

There was an intense bite just as the tide started running hard. Kind of weird, we were able to hook up out away from everyone but unable to get a bite when surrounded by waving nets! Just goes to show you :shrug:

Ended up with 3 nice silvers, released one native as a ship was bearing down, crackered one that made a great boat-charging run then wrapped up our other line.

Whole herring w/ fish flash ... got em from 5 pulls to 18. Fished the washington side all day from 12 to the church hole, mostly around 12-14. Saw a couple fish on at the sawdust pile coming back, a lot of boats there today.

Weather was good, just a steady breeze out of the W-NW. Crabbing was BAD, I'm blaming the massive tide. More jellyfish than crabs, nothing close to a keeper. Who cares? :dance:

Man, I'm tired. :sleep:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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