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Buoy 10 & Lower Columbia Reports ???

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Was hoping to go out this weekend, thought we'd go out in the ocean and fish there as seems most the reports are from out there ... but the forecast is not looking good for my size boat (as of Wed 10AM; wind waves 5'; west swells 9' for Sunday) so am trying to weigh the cost of going with the chance of actually catching fish ...

Anyone catch anything inside ?
Anyone know the gillnetter's next date ?
Tempature of the river at Astoria ?

Thank you in advance.
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I will be going on Monday....So far it looks as if I will be fishing inside...There are fish passing through but not a whole lot yet...But they are there..I am hoping the weather makes a turn for the best..:pray::pray: Please oh Lord...
Been hearing good reports up around the Kalama area. Cancelled a tuna trip this weekend because of wx.

Fish are in the river, numbers going up daily. I put a 40 lb Chinook in the boat last night. Saw two others caught.
40lbs!! Nice fish:clap: What part of the river where you fishing?
40lbs!! Nice fish:clap: What part of the river where you fishing?

40 pounds!!! :bigshock:
YUP - 40lb on the nose. Using the new Blue reflective Simmons tuned to a slow wobble - Ok - Off Govt. Island.

It's Time!

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