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Broken Leaf Spring

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Broke the leaf spring on my driftboat trailer. Anybody know where I can get a couple new ones (want to replace both sides)in the Salem area?

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Do you have a Six Roblies there?.....they have lot's of trailer parts in stock.
Salmon Stryker,

Just so that you have a price comparison, I bought some leaf springs for my DB trailer (1250 lbs ea - I haul my camping gear in my DB) for about $17.50 ea. If your local supplier tries to work you over, call Benz spring in Portland. I'm sure that they will ship.
Try Allen Marine on south Commercial in Salem, just south of the old GI Joes.

SS, I have a brand new one that I will give you if it fits your trailor. They only sell them in pairs(Les Schwab), and I only replaced the broken one. I think the trailor was a Baker but I am not sure. It was under a Willie that I traded off. I live about 2 miles from the Jeff. Scio exit so it isn't too far from Salem. Feel free to call me at 541 926 6579. My new trailor has torson bar springs on it so I will have no use for it.
Thanks everyone. Fishen fool, thanks for the offer but I want to get two of them and replace both as the one that is still working is pretty rusty and pitted as well. I'll try Les Schwab first since they are close. drhall thanks for the price comparison that is very helpfull. :cheers:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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