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Breathable Wader Recomedations

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I'm looking to buy some breathable waders and I am looking for some input. I have gone back and read all of the archived info but would still like some recomendations. I have about $200 +/- to spend and have looked at Dan Bailey's, Hodgman Guidelites and USIA's but I can't decide. What do you think is the best for the money I have to spend.

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I don't know about the spendier Hodgmans' but stay away from the wadelites, had two pairs of those until I learned my lesson. I bought one more "cheap" pair of Remingtons' and they actually were pretty nice. The material did not "seep" like the Hodgmans eventually did but I wore the boots out pretty fast.
I just upgraded to Dan Baileys' and love em, a bit spendy but the construction is hardcore and their customer service is reputedly better than Simms.
I got mine from Cabela's. Very good waders for the price. I have had no problems with them and there going on there fourth season.

I got mine from Cabelas, the ankles are so tight that it literally takes 5 minutes per foot to get them back off. I know that eventually the foot/leg junction is going to fail because of the stresses caused by removing them, no matter how careful I am. A buddy bought the same product, same problem. These were Cabela's top end product.

Otherwise, fine waders.
I bought some baileys from gary waterhouse with all the bells and whistles (reinforced knee etc.) for 199$ I love them! and I am constantley banking it.
Simms lightweights.. Dan balieys..no others are worth my recommendation.. I strongly agree about the Hodgmans I wore out 2 pairs in a year They suck unless you only fish once a year
Orvis has a four year warranty. I have had mine for 3 years with no problems. Pretty much the same price as other brands.
The Patagonia's are a bit more spendy than your price range but they are worth it. I've had cheaper pairs that have worn out, leaked or torn and have had no such problems with my Patagonia's...plus I beleive they have a lifetime warranty. Very easy to move about in.

Also depends upon how you'll use them. If you're going to be in them alot, and doing some hiking, pay up. If not, Cabella's has a good warranty on all their products.
I recently bought a pair of simms breathables (not gore-tex, didn't have the lightweight gore-tex in stock) and have been real happy with the performance. Been using them on the Klamath River putting them through the paces. The consultants I work with all use Simms as well they're the only ones that seem to hold up. You can pick up the lightweight gore-tex for $200, or the non gore-tex breathables for $150. Not just using them for recreation either, lots of time hiking a rocky, boulder strewn canyon packing an e-fisher.
I bought a pair of Hodgman's last fall and used them hard all winter for steelhead. Banking it, hiking in through the brush, everywhere and anywhere. Great! I'm happy as can be with them. I think they are the Guidelite series. About $190.00.
I have the cabela's and love them. They are so inexpensive, we made, well designed. Great exchange if you damage them too. Not need to spend hundreds.
Can't go wrong with Dan Baileys. I have found over the years that waders is one item you don't want to go cheap on so my opinion is spend the $200 and be assured that you have a good product.
I bought a pair of Dan Baileys 2 years ago and they are still going strong. They have a guide version that's supposed to be even better so if you are hardcore and fishing about every day you may want to spend the extra money and get those. Also, I bought the Jim Teeny wading shoes and was really dissappointed with them. Although they were lightweight they had no support and after an hour or two of hiking my feet were sore. Also there were velcro straps on the back that were hard to tighten. Spend the money and get some good all leather stitched wading shoes like Danners preferably with the cleats. May sure you wear a thick wool sock when you try them on so they'll fit during the winter. Good luck!
I was disappointed in the Teeny shoes also. Love the Korkers though!
Personal experience with the wadelights (hodgeman product): They have to be inverted after use, dryed inside out in otherwords. They mention that on a little piece of paper enclosed in the box.They don't tell you why they just say to turn inside out after using. Hodgeman rep explained it to me; apparently the waders are constructed with multiple layers of materials and the lining that is the cause of the problem is suseptable to a fungus unless dryed adequatly. To do that they must be inverted.The neglect the proper drying results in penhole "seepage".Thousands of tiny little leaks as the material breaks down.
I found my breathables in the back of my car a good week after use.Hmmm, I wonder if they will work.
Smart idea asking before buying.Good luck Artwo!
I love my Dan Baileys here. They have held up great. Its not worth saving a few bucks and being wet. I am also useing the Korkers Convertables wading shoes. They are a great idea in wading boots.

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